Friday, September 21, 2007

Law School Admissions Suck

Law School Admissions Suck
A Haiku

LSAT done, yet more.
twenty-four/seven papers.
personal statement.

Thank you. I know, I'm just that good.
No real posts now, because, as the title suggests, law school admissions suck. I thought I was done when I did the LSAT. Little did I know but the worst was yet to come. 5 1/2 hour test is nothing compared to weeks on end deciding how to sell yourself in 500 words or describe all the work you have ever done on 1 page or try to write an essay on what diversity you, as a white, middle class, jewish girl from the suburbs, will provide.

i need wine and a good nap. if no wine, an few episodes of sex and the city will suffice.

lsat 165. gpa 3.9. blood pressure higher than any of the above numbers


Day to Day Chronicles said...

I must copy this and send it to my sister who is taking her LSAT's this week!

jeena said...

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Jeena xx

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Jess said...

Awe Amy! I heart you mucho! You're not baking this week is making all of us less fat kids! hahah!

Lana said...

Thanks for writing this.