Friday, February 8, 2008

Law Related (for once)

Can't say much because of a lack of time, just one thought as I write out fed-ex labels to the Deptartment of the Interior's Office of the Inspector General; aka USDOI-OIG.
Acronyms much?
Just a picky spelling issue, but if you put the O in dOi for the "of" should you not then include a t for "the"? It should be DOTI. And likely should also have the o for "of" in Office of the Inspector General, OOIG or OOTIG.
Yes, I am OCD and note all inconsistencies. Hence why I wanna be a lawyer ;)

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Robert said...


I was looking around the interwebs a few weeks ago for a malted milk cupcake recipe, and stumbled upon your blog. I bookmarked it and continued my general surfing (I like to consider multiple recipes). Anyway, I got bored in class today and so came back to look at you're blog. After looking around some, I'm really impressed. I like to cook (and especially bake), but I don't think I'm quite up to your level of skill (I'm afraid of making caramels).

However, I imagine most of that is of little to no interest to you. But, I am currently a first year law student at UVA, and I saw from reading your blog posts that you have applied here. If you have any questions, or there's anything I can help with (sadly I have exactly no ability to impact admissions) please let me know, as I always like to help out a fellow foody.

Good luck with the admissions and all

P.S. I like your How I Met Your Mother blog as well.