Thursday, February 14, 2008

Site Meter and Great Readers

Sometimes I love technology. Sitemeter is one example of that. It lets me track who is on my site and what they are seeing. One recent trip to see who was looking at my blog said :

Ok, normally wouldn't mean much since a lot of edu sites show up, including Bucknell. But, since I think I am gonna be going to GW Law next year, this person stuck out (they also stuck out for having 8 page views. Wow, I'm glad you like the site!). Anywho, hi to whoever you are. Feel free to leave a note!

Also hi to the reader from UVA law! Your comment made me so happy. Sadly, I still have yet to receive word whether I got in or not, but just knowing that law students have time for food blogging gives me hope in life! Thanks for the kind words, please keep coming back.

As for the comment from, I believe it was Becky on Green Peppers stuffed with Turkey. I think I'm gonna pass on the kind offer. I've seen a few too many lifetime original movies (LOR), but thanks anyway.

Anyway, thanks to those who take the time to read this and, for whatever reason, care about what I say. My little ego thanks you for your time!

Oh- and so you don't leave without food info, just a tip- don't try to make pudding from scratch with skim milk. Doesn't work. Learned that the hard way tonight.


Stef said...

Have you used google analytics and webmaster tools? It's also addictive and quite informative. Hittail is fun too!

Jess said...

The cookies were a huuuuuuge success. Thank you so much for your help! Love you lots!!!