Thursday, August 7, 2008

Frozen Lime Pie

Can I tell you about my new crush. R.R. will always have my heart, but Robin Miller is now finding a place in my kitchen. More specifically, my freezer. I had a Barnes and Noble gift card right around the time they were having an awesome sale, so I picked up a bunch of books including a very cheap copy of Miller's "Quick Fix Meals." I now LOVE this book. I put my tabs in it, and about half the pages are marked! I love her "double duty" efficiency! Call me type A but the planning in it makes me so happy. With crazy law school days ahead, i have taken to making dinners and making extra to freeze, so Robin Miller's book is right up my alley. Expect to see a lot more from her in days and weeks ahead. For the record, I have already frozen chicken tortilla soup and baked ziti.

For right now, though, I currently have a frozen pie from the book in my freezer. Delicious, cooling and SO easy you wouldn't believe. And really, isn't that all you could ever ask for?
Frozen Lime Pie
from Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals
8oz tub coolwhip, slightly thawed
14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup key lime juice
6 oz prepared graham cracker pie crust
*I added green sprinkles and food coloring for color*

Combine first 3 ingredients (plus sprinkles and coloring if using) until smooth. Spoon into pie crust and smooth the surface. Freeze at least 30 minutes and up to 3 months.

I am entering this yummy treat into A Southern Grace's Beat the Heat event.


Jess said...

That sounds amazing! You'll have to make it again sometime when I come to visit haha!

Grace said...

quick, easy, delicious--nicely done. robin miller does have some pretty great recipes, but i can't watch her show--her eyes are always opened super-wide and frankly, it freaks me out. :)
thanks for the entry!

Grace said...

i really do love this--it's so pretty and dead easy! thanks again for sending it to me!

Deborah said...

I've never made anything from Robin Miller, but i have watched her show a couple of times. I'll have to check out one of her books! This pie looks amazing!

PaniniKathy said...

I've been eyeing these frozen pies all summer and I'm beginning to think it's time that I try one. The lime in this one sounds so refreshing - I think this will be the one! :-)

Sangeeth said...

yummy pie...u have a surprise in my blog :)

mrs. L said...

So simple, but it looks so good. I always love how easy cool whip makes things!