Friday, July 13, 2007


This is my first post related to work. Though it isn’t so much about the law, it is about the interactions between staff members in a law group. Yesterday I was doing a spreadsheet of witnesses for one of the paralegals, then she came over with something for another case that she said she needed done by the end of the day. I told her that I couldn’t finish both of them, which was more crucial, and she said the new project. So I did the new project so that she could assign jobs to FBI agents she was meeting with the next day, and I made it look very pretty and organized with heading pages and all. I gave it back to her in the early afternoon and she was so appreciative. I then went to work on another job for a legal assistant, and the paralegal came over to my desk with a bouquet of flowers. She said she really appreciated all my help and could not have done it without me and all this really sweet stuff. From now on, if that paralegal asks me to do anything for her, it will be done before anything else. It is nice to know that someone sees the good you are doing and how much work you put in. Many of the attorneys do not act in such a manor, so if their copy jobs get pushed until the next day, or if there is a typo on their document, the assistants do not go the extra mile to help, because they know it will go without a thank you. Lesson of the day: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Show how much you appreciate someone’s help or kindness. I will keep this in mind for when I have an assistant, clerk or paralegal. Their job may require less education, but it is not necessarily easy; there is work and a simple thank you is enough motivation to do the work very well.

Speaking of appreciation, I would like to let you guys know that I appreciate you sticking with me and reading my thoughts as I get this blog up and running. It may not be as pretty or full as other cooking blogs, but I think I can make it worth checking out. Using sitemeter I have come to realize that more people than just my friend run-girl-run are reading this. And I appreciate it. You could read the cooking thoughts of anyone from around the world, and some of you have chosen to read my blog many times. THANK YOU! You make me all warm and fuzzy. Please, leave comments, I’d love to see if you guys have blogs so I can return the favor and check out what you guys are whipping up in your homes. I hope to keep this blog in a condition that you can continue to enjoy it (including the recipes).

Ok, enough sap and work stories, back to food. Last night I made chicken stirfry. I am not putting up pictures or a recipe because I cheat. All my Asian friends hate me and call me inauthentic because (gasp) I use a packet of stirfry sauce mix. I know, everyone has told me, I can make a sauce on my own. But it never comes out quite the way I want it, and honestly, I have never been too thrilled with the flavorings on my friends’ stirfries. Why should I change to be more authentic if authentic isn’t yummy? I’ve had authentic, and I still want the Sun Bird stirfry sauce packet! (Do you think I can get free products for that? Lol). Anyway, to avoid ridicule I won’t post pictures of it, but it tasted great as always.

I had meant to bake homemade oreo cookies as posted on smitten kitchen’s site (I was going to give some to a friend for his birthday and either eat the rest myself or bring them to work depending on my mood), but I didn’t have time before we left to go out. You see it was the guy’s 21st bday, so we went to Adams Morgan so he could enjoy his adulthood with a few drinks. If we don’t go out tonight I will be making cookies and will have the report up soon. Enjoy your weekends and check back soon for a REAL food blog!

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