Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Showing my Apron and The Foodie Blogroll

Hello my flour covered darlings. I hope this day before independence (and a day off work!) is going well for all. Since last night's baking was less than stellar (chocolate cherry oven baked dougnuts turned out to be cocoa cherry breads. Not even great breads either) I will not be discussing my kitchen escapades. Instead, I would like to talk about the dangers of cooking. You may laugh, but cooking and baking are dangerous business. For me, Italian cooking is always the most risky, as about 1/2 the time that I use tomato sauce, it ends up on jeans, shirts, shoes, socks, anything and everything that can stain. That is why I was so thrilled when my boy got me this a year and a half ago.It is the cutest apron ever!! In the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" font it says "How Do You Take Your Meatloaf?" HAHAHA I love it! For those of you not familiar with the cult classic "Rocky," the singer Meatloaf plays Eddy who, at the start of the film, is killed and later eaten for dinner. Ah I love bad cult flicks and the fact that my apron references it and food makes me jump with glee. The boy knows me too well. Unfortunately I now fear getting tomato sauce on the apron! It is too cool to mess up!

Why am I mentioning this apron besides the fact that it is how I avoid ruining every item of clothing I own? Lucullian is hosting an event called "Show Us Your Apron." So go ahead! Be wild! Flash the world a glimpse of YOUR apron.

On another note, the sidebar of my blog now contains a link to the foodie blogroll started by the Leftover Queen. Check these writers out, they will keep you entertained and fed for hours!

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Ilva said...

Thanks! This is one great apron, wonderful! And I love Rocky Picture Horror Show!