Monday, March 24, 2008

Blogging by Mail!

Yay! I'm super excited! My Blogging by mail package came! Mine came from (said in Texan accent) New York CITY?! The wonderful Josie at Flavor Junkie sent me more goodies than I know what to do with (not that I'm complaining).

When I got home from my Floridian vacation, I found a package from Amazon (my Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day Book) and from Josie. She sent me:

An insulated wine carrier (note to self: buy good wine worth carrying in insulated carrier)
Sweet and Salty Chinese Rice Crackers
Chinese Spice Rub (Josie suggests putting it on pork chops, but I think I'll try it in chicken)
Coasters that look like cocktail olives
Drink Stirrers
The CUTEST Happy Birthday candles ever. Must. Make. Birthday Cake.
Chinese Flower Tea. This looks so great. It is tea with dried flowers and sugar. You just pour boiling water over it and the tea "blooms". I'm very excited to use it.
Newman's Own Dark Chocolate Espresso Chocolate Bar. (Deep sigh of love. I didn't know this existed and I fear now that I do it may constantly stock my pantry)
A metal scrubber to clean my pots and pans (which I don't often picture for a reason. Some of these babies are dated)
Lime and Mauve colored Luster Dusts (I plan to make some very pretty cupcakes next week!)
Greek and Turkish Spice Rubs (This Thursday's dinner is going to be a Greek Chicken Salad thanks to this wonderful gift. BTW- both smell divine)
Offset Spatula- As my sous chef of a roomie put it "This would have been great to use on the hostess cake...if the cake hadn't already crumbled" This will really make decorating easier! THANK YOU
AND, Last, but not least, a lovely Card. Josie, you were so nice and I cannot thank you enough!

And a big thank you to Dispensing Happiness for organizing the whole thing! This is a great idea and I recomend it to all!

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Stef said...

What a fun package to receive! I'd be so excited!