Thursday, November 13, 2008

Easy Banana Roll Ups

Forgive me for my drool. These little wraps may not look all that impressive, but man are they good. They are closely derived from a recipe I learned back in highschool. One of my good friend's dad ran a BBQ biz on the side, and one day he needed some extra help, so my friends and I became day labor. I learned so much that day from how to make rocking, fresh cut french fries, a seafood boil and these lovely wraps. At the BBQ I think we used hershey bars instead of chocolate chips, and we did them on a griddle type surface, but the yumminess from that day stuck with me.
These could NOT be easier. 4 ingredients (3 if you don't count the cooking spray). About 5 minutes of work. Easy Peasy and so great tasting. The Boy loves these, which makes me happy because they are a way to sneak a banana into a less than vitamin filled diet.
Easy Banana Roll Ups
2 servings

1 large banana
2 handfuls chocolate chips
1 large or 2 small flour tortillas
cooking spray

1. Slice bananas on a diagonal. Lay banana slices in an even line about 1/3 of the way into the tortilla (like you would for a burrito or taco). Sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. Roll like a burrito ( fold in the top and bottom and then roll sideways).
2. Heat a skillet to medium, medium high. Spray with the cooking spray. Add the roll up, seam side down. Cook a minute or 2, until golden brown. Turn and repeat until browned all over and chocolate has melted.

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