Monday, August 6, 2007

Grilled Bananas Two Ways

The boy is coming back! I made a special treat in honor of his return, but more on that later. Since he was gone, along with all but 1 of my friends (with whom I had dinner twice), I just relaxed in the apartment all weekend. I cleaned my room, I watched Sex and the City (about 3 dvd’s worth) and I baked. First was chocolate chip cookies, then these grilled banana desserts, then the surprise goodie for the boy.

After a very healthy dinner of home made chicken soup, I decided to have a semi-healthy dessert of grilled bananas with different types of chocolate. I got the idea from a food network special on grilling girls. This will be my entry into this week's ARF/5-a-Day hosted by Sweetnicks. Check out the other participants' ideas for fruity, vegetably or other good for you foods!

I got out the foreman grill and my 2 leftover bananas. One I sliced in quarters as per the show’s recommendation, the other I sliced the way I thought it would be prettiest. Well, mine was prettier, but the quartered banana was more stable and solid when standing up to the grill.

I preferred the 2nd one on all accounts. I liked the combination of flavors better, I liked the texture better, and I liked the look better. Both were yummy, but the quartered banana with chocolate peanut better sauce was far superior.

Tips and changes for next time: Quarter the bananas. Do not use chocolate syrup in the chocolate peanut butter combo, just use the chocolate chips or pieces. Perhaps try coating in sugar (but not cinnamon) to get a caramelized edge before toping with chocolate peanut butter sauce. SERVE WITH ICE CREAM!
Sliced Banana with Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Syrup
1 banana
Cinnamon sugar
Chocolate syrup

Heat grill and spray with pam. Slice banana on an angle into ½ to 1 inch thick pieces. Sprinkle banana with cinnamon sugar and put on hot grill. Grill until soft and warm. Top with chocolate syrup.

Grilled Banana with Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce
1 banana
1TBSP peanut butter
1TBSP chocolate chips or pieces
1 tsp chocolate syrup
1 TBSP peanuts

Heat grill and spray with pam. Slice banana once across and once down. Put banana (skin still on) and peanuts onto the grill and cook until warm. In microwave, melt peanut butter, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup (about 20 sec). Combine and pour over banana and peanuts.

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