Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My First Meme!

A while back I found myself flipping through the glorious entries that form The Domestic Goddess' blog, and was intrigued by a version of a meme that she participated in. She offered to grill (in the non cheese sandwich sense) anyone who wanted to participate. Well I signed up immediatly! Here are her questions for me and my replies. If you would like me to create some questions for you, leave a comment on this post with your blog address and email. But be warned, I am a very curious question asker!

1. I'm so inspired by my own mother in my cooking and writing – what is your own favourite childhood recipe you are dying to recreate or just make again and why?

Oh, this is a hard one. Mom made the baked ziti that I already wrote about. Oh, and my mom’s Mexican dip is to DIE for! She made it for every slumber party I threw, and I remember bringing it up into my room when we all went upstairs to watch chick flicks. I have made that one many times since getting my own kitchen, and have even turned it into a Mexican chicken sandwich so that I have an excuse to eat the dip more often! Mom also made some mushroom orzo thing that I never got quite right. I tried making it for the boy once, and it was so bad, we just ordered pizza. It is the only dish that I like mushrooms in. Gotta give mom credit for that!

2. What gives you the most inspiration for your cooking - your "Mojo" as you put it?

I think my “kitchen mojo” comes from the joy that I get from being in the kitchen and the ability to then share my product with those I love. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting down to have a great meal with great company and having someone say “yum!” I love making everyone happy (one of my faults that I get from mom), and making good food is a great way to do that. My room mate jokes that it may be some psychological thing about wanting to be likeable, but I just like cooking and then sharing it with people to brighten their day!

3. What is your favourite season for food? or What seasonal foods do you wait for each year?

The farmers market down the street from my office has this vendor who sells live basil. I don’t have a garden, so I can’t grow it, but they sell basil with roots that can live with just water for about 3 months. That is, if you remember to water it. I forgot and now have to buy a new one. ANYWHO, the point was that I love that fresh basil sitting on my windowsill in the summer. Perfect for pasta, panzanella or chicken with basil sauce.

4. If you could choose anyone in the world to cook for you, who would it be and what would they make?

Despite my adoration for the darling Ms. Ray, Rachael would not be my choice. For a real meal, I would look to anyone Italian. I have to be honest; I have such a weak spot for anything Italian.
I think I would ask Mario Batali to make some orrichete con broccoli. I can’t find orrichette in my store, and I do not know what goes in the sauce, but in Little Italy in Boston, I once had Orrichette con broccoli and was in heaven. I’m sure Mario could hook me up!
5. What is something you do while cooking that you might not want to mention in your blog (I sometimes pretend I have a television show and talk to the wall or the countertop about how to marinate chicken or slice onions without crying)...?

I do that too! If I am ALL alone (and I mean no one ANYWHERE in the apartment) I pretend the dish rack is a novice cook and I am a FABULOUS chef teaching it all it needs to know.

A second thing I do when cooking, that I don’t mention is…cuss…a lot. I am afraid what will happen if I ever have kids, because I will need to change my kitchen language from “Sh*t I burned the f’ing chicken” to “whoopsy daisies! Mommy made a big flaming mess. Get back so she can use the fire extinguisher!” This is why my friends will all have kids and I will just bring them all cookies (so long as they stay out of my foul-language-filled kitchen and let me talk to my dish rack in peace!)


Jess said...

lol Amy, the resemblance btwn the two of you is uncanny. haha jk! hope your cruise rockkkked and can't wait to here all about it when i'm back!!

dom_goddess said...

Thanks for answering the questions, Amy - it's always interesting to read people's "secrets". Keep up with the cooking - your blog is great!